Outer Alien (formerly known as Crazy Space) was a Kuboian chain of family entertainment centres. It was founded by TBA and opened in 1996, operating independently for twelve years until it was bought by Arenaplay in November 2008.

The Outer Alien began to be slowly retired in 2009 until all Outer Alien franchises were either closed or replaced by Vinyl Funhouse franchises by 4th July, 2010.

Entertainment offerings

Outer Alien was mostly designed for children, with most of the chains worldwide including most of the following:

  • 4D specials of Outer the Alien
  • Arcade games
  • Ball pits
  • Bowling alleys
    • These were usually six-pin alleys
  • Inflatable castles
  • Kart racing
    • These usually had six "karts" that looked like escape pods
  • Laser tag
  • Soft play with climbing frames

Outer the Alien

Outer the Alien was the chain’s mascot, first appearing in October 1999, though he was known as Alien Boy until 2001. Outer was a green cyclops alien. Outer eventually starred in his own TV series, Outer the Alien, and two video games, Outer Shuttle Speedway and Outer's Alien Avenue.

International chains


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A selection of Crazy Space chains were opened in Belgium, France, Germany, Jetania and the Netherlands in 1999, with a selection opening in Italy and Spain in 2000. Also in 2000, Outer Alien launched a spin-off chain in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia called Mini Jupiter, though all of these were converted into Outer Alien fun centres by October 2004.


Five Crazy Spaces chains in Japan, called Crazy Space Japan were opened in November 1997. They were rebranded as Outer Alien Japan in February 2002. They were all closed by January 2010, however.

Latin America

United States

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