Night Freddy Cages, better known as his stage name Over8 is an American rapper based in New Orleans. He started his career at the age of 15 by releasing several mixtapes throughout 2006 and 2007, and later achieving mainstream fame after appearing on "Doing It Again (ITG 2)" by Mask Torn. Online, he is known for his coincidental date of birth, August 8th, 1988.


Over8 began his career in early 2006, when he was 15, releasing several mixtapes online over the next two years.

Over8's debut mainstream appearance was on the 2008 single "Doing It Again (ITG 2)" by Mask Torn. Over8 managed to get on the song simply by asking Mask Torn on his Facebook page if he could make a feature. This amused Mask Torn, who decided to allow the then-rookie rapper to travel to Brazil to record his vocals and get signed to Favelopia.

As well as being signed to Favelopia for two years, Over8 has also been signed to Young Money and Cash Money Records, but has departed from both since. He got signed to Oyea Records in June 2016.

Artistic style

Over8's songs mostly have lyrics relating to either crime or wealth, and have hardcore gangsta rap instrumentals.


Studio albums

As lead artist

As featured artist

Year Title Peak chart positions
2009 "Doing It Again (ITG 2)"
(Mask Torn featuring Quárter, $iGN@TURE, Pint, Over8, K.K.Yo and DJ M.K.A.)
52 53 28 1 24 7 14
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