PPE Pictures, Ltd. is a company headquartered in El Kadsre City. It is the film production and distribution subsidiary of PPE Entertainment.


PPE Pictures was founded in 1998 by the Banushen Media Corporation division PPE Entertainment, releasing arthouse and independent films. PPE signed a contract with Summit Entertainment in 1998, taking over from previous firm BTV Films, and it was also signed with Newmarket Capital Group/Newmarket Films. PPE's first minor success was the El Kadsreian theatrical release of The Skulls in 2000.

In 2002 BTV Films was merged into it, including all contracts with Artisan, Lionsgate, EuropaCorp (which BTV signed a deal in 2000) and some of Sony Pictures (others are distributed by Viva Films. It gained success when it continued production on TH2 theatrical films. Among its success provided by PPE were the El Kadsreian theatrical releases of the Step Up series.

In 2003, PPE Pictures bought out the El Kadsreian distribution rights to Tommy Wiseau's The Room. It was an instant success in El Kadsre, which lead to Wiseau signing a deal with PPE to distribute its content in El Kadsre.

In 2011, PPE signed a deal with Open Road Films, IM Global and FilmDistrict to release its films theatrically in El Kadsre. In 2014, PPE signed a deal with STX Entertainment to distribute its content in El Kadsre.

Before that, PPE Entertainment distributed indie movies on VHS but in 1997 PPE's home entertainment division was folded into BTV Video[1], which was folded into El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment a year later[2].

It gained promise when PPE reached the one billion mark with the El Kadsreian theatrical release of the US film The Hunger Games in 2012.

Currently it is one of the top studios of all time, distributing films from Lionsgate, Spyglass Media Group, Miramax, and A24 and some films from Sony Pictures Entertainment (others are distributed by Viva Films)

Distribution rights in the El Kadsreian Islands


  • Sony Pictures (some films; shared with Viva Films
  • Columbia Pictures (some films; shared with Viva Films
  • TriStar Pictures (some films; shared with Viva Films


  1. The home entertainment division of PPE Entertainment was named PPE Home Entertainment. The PPE Home Entertainment Logo can only be seen on the spines and ink label on VHS tapes from PPE. PPE Home Entertainment is a in-name-only unit of PPE Entertainment.
  2. PPE titles are now distributed by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment.
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