PPE Pictures is a film company headquartered in El Kadsre City. It’s the film arm of PPE Entertainment.


It was founded in 1998 by the Banushen Media Corporation division PPE Entertainment. In 2002 BTV Films was merged into it. Before that, PPE Entertainment distributed indie movies on VHS but in 1997 PPE's home entertainment division was folded into BTV Video,[1] which was folded into El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment a year later.[2]


  1. The home entertainment division of PPE Entertainment was named PPE Home Entertainment. The PPE Home Entertainment Logo can only be seen on the spines and ink label on VHS tapes from PPE. PPE Home Entertainment is a in-name-only unit of PPE Entertainment.
  2. PPE titles are now distributed by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment.
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