Estudios Magia Producciones Artísticas S.A. (doing business as PPV Magia) is a dubbing studio founded by Rosendo Dario Diéguez and Juan Badillo in 1990. It is based in Logroño in the La Rioja community of Spain.

It is known for being the official Castilian Spanish dubbing studio for Technic Heroes since 1998 after Sonygraf in Barcelona chose to retire from dubbing the series due to complaints of low royalties from El TV Kadsre management. It has also dubbed all TH2 projects.

In 2017, PPV Studios purchased Estudios Magia and it's León-based sister studio, Magia II. Estudios Magia was renamed to PPV Magia and Magia II was renamed to PPV Magia León but both studios are still credited under their former names when not doing work for PPV.




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