Pansaura (Pansauran: Pãtbritla), officially known as the Pansauran Kingdom (Pansauran: Pãtbritli Geratizou), is an island country, located north of the Tasmanian island of Oceania.


Prehistory (572 BC - 1000 AD)

In around 572 BC, Pansaura was an isolated island. It was inhabited by some indigenous Buddhists. The island was called "Peach Island".

First Pansauran Kingdom (1000 AD-1702)

In June 15, 1000, the first Pansauran Kingdom was established in the island. It was founded by Lœxxma I of Pansaura, who ruled Pansaura from 1000 to 1086.

Ottoman invasion (1702-1901)

In 1702, the Ottomans came by ships to execute the plan to invade Pansaura. It was an elayet of the Ottomans until 1901. Pansaura is the first Ottoman colony outside Asia, Africa, and Europe.

This also caused many Pansaurans to be Muslims instead of being Buddhists. As of today, Pansaura is still muslim-majority, however many Buddhists refused to convert and the descendants of these people who refused form the Buddhist population of the country, and as a result Pansaura has two state religions: Islam and Buddhism.

Independence and Republican rule (1901-1976)

In 1901, the Pansaurans fought with the Ottomans for independence, and it finally gained independence, but it was a republic due to many people having enough of the monarchy.

Pansaura was a founding member of the United Nations in 1945. It was an ally of the US.

Current constitution (1976-present)

In 1976, Pansaura restored its monarchy, and it was still a UN member. It was known as the Second Pansauran Kingdom until 1998.


The currency of Pansaura is Pansauran Maus (pronounced 'mouse'). 1 maus equals 1,000 dollars, meanwhile 1 dollar equals 0.1000 maus, making Pansaura an expensive country.

The GDP per capita of Pansaura is $35,926, making is one of the richest countries in the world, meanwhile the nominal GDP is $30,000,000.


Pansaura has 4 autonomous roots (lit. region). They are Soma (3), Kila (1), Domeri (2), and Ayalla (4). The capital, Kurahjs, is located in the Kila autonomous root. Pansaura Province Map


The main religion is Islam, spreading 63% of the country, with some Buddhists and others. The state religions are Islam and Buddhism.


The main terrestrial channels are Pãtbritla Telvizii, PTV2, +Kanaaxl, Zeel, etc.

Radio stations include Pansaura Top 40 Radio, PRN, among others.


  • Alcohol drinking age is 23.
  • The marriage age is 20 for men and 17 for women.
  • You have to be 15 or older to get a job.
  • 89% of the women in the country are educated, meanwhile 92% of the men are educated.
  • It is one of the countries known to have banned gay marriage, as it has been alleged to "destroy" the Pansauran culture, but LGBT and homosexuality remain legal.

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