Patry is a series of platform video games created by Seymour Games, Drillimation Studios, and Seymour Entertainment featuring their main character of the same name. It is the central series of the greater Patry franchise.


Main series


Common elements

Playable Characters

  • Patry
  • Gerry
  • Samson
  • Merlin’s
  • Dragosaur



The Drillimation Series by Drillimation Studios and Bandai Namco Holdings
Franchises Chuhou Joutai · Driller Engine Grand Prix · HotShots Party[1] · Otter Magician Sammy · Mr. Driller · Patry[1] · Space Nexus · Super Smash Keyboards · Touhou Project · Shōkan
Developers Edret Games · Seymour Games · Team Shanghai Alice · Twilight Frontier
Services Drillimation Online
Former/Defunct Amusement Software · Bladesteel Games · Storer Enterprises · Tenma Games
  1. Owned by Seymour Games.
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