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Salvatore Paul Coralluzzo Heyman (born 27 August 1965), best known as Paul Heyman, is a Magisterian politician who is currently serving as the 38th President of Magisteria. He was an entertainment producer, writer, performer, promoter, retired professional wrestling manager, and music composer.

Early life

Heyman was born on September 15, 1965, in Annesia City, Federal Capital Territory. His mother is of Italian descent, and his father is of Jewish descent.


Early years (1978-1984)

Heyman started out as a photographer in SWF for 6 years. In 1984, He took a break in Professional wrestling and moved to Cambridge, Massachussetts as he was accepted to Harvard University.

Supreme Wrestling Federation (1989-1994)

After graduating in Harvard in 1988, He debuted in SWF as a manager with the ring name, Dave Slash. Thanks to his charisma, microphone skills and acting, He made a name for himself as one of SWF's most memorable managers. He left in 1994 to jump ship to a promotion he could help expand nationally.

Eastern Wrestling Federation/Danger And Violence Extreme (1994-2007)

After leaving the Supreme Wrestling Federation in mid 1994, he jumped ship to a regional promotion in Magisteria's Philadelphia state, Eastern Wrestling Federation. He made his surprise debut in the promotion as the new head booker of the promotion. As he became the new booker of the promotion, the promotion started to expand even more now offering a hard-hitting, gritty, violent product that is not common in Magisterian wrestling. He renamed Eastern Wrestling Federation to Danger And Violence Extreme, and turning the promotion into a cult phenomenon, turning regional wrestlers to national pro wrestling stars. Heyman closed Danger And Violence Extreme on May 13, 2007 due to financial trouble.

Politics (2001-present)

While running DAVE, He started his political career on December 2001. He rarely makes political appearances due to his main priority on running DAVE. After DAVE closed in 2007, Heyman reappeared as a politician in 2009 as a Liberal Party member but left in the same year. He remained an Independent politician until January 20, 2021 when he officially joined the Magisterian Democratic Party.

on February 22, 2021, Paul Heyman won the 2021 snap presidential election and is currently the 38th President of the United Magisterian States.

Political positions

Heyman considers himself as a Centrist, but more recently he has been characterized as shifting farther to the left. Heyman has supported same-sex marriage, the banning of racism in Magisteria, and reproductive rights.

Awards and accomplishments

  • Supreme Wrestling Federation
    • Best Manager (1993)
    • Best on the Mic (1991)
    • SWF Hall of Fame (2015)
  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter
    • Promoter of the Year (1995-2005)
    • Best Booker (1996-2001, 2004-2006)
    • Best Non-Wrestler (1998-1999, 2000-2003)