Paula Hailee Rose (B. 1978) is an Engarian politician, former footballer, and 20th prime minister of Engary. She is considered to be the first female prime minister in the country. She was originally the leader of the opposition between 2012-2014 when she was elected as the prime minister.

Early life

Paula was born in a Femchester hospital in 1978. 2 days after Paula was born, her mother was diagnosed with terminal pneumonia and she later died in 1979. After Paula's mother died, she was raised by her father.

Football career

Paula began her career as a football player in 1997 when she became the captain of the Engarian women's national football team.

During the 2002 engarian women's cup match, she suffered a broken leg, which later resulted in her quitting the football team after 5 years.

As the leader of the opposition (2012-2014)

In 2012, Paula entered politics when she was named as the leader of the engarian socialist party. Not only that, but she was also the leader of the opposition where she served the role for at least 2 years.

1 year later, on December 12th, 2013, Paula rose has announced that she is running for the 2014 general election. On the same day, she resigned as the leader of the socialist party in order to focus on her campaign.

As prime minister (2014-2018)

On May 4th, 2014, Paula Rose won the general election with an overwhelming majority. On the same day after she won the election, she addressed a victory speech, thanking voters for voting her.

On June 20th on that same year, Paula has been inaugurated as the prime minister. Her inauguration ceremony was held at the joseph palace where president Damien Rippin invited her to form a government. Meanwhile, Paula has sworn in as the prime minister, with supreme court chief judge Robert Newberry administering the oath.

In June 2015, Paula traveled to Ivona land where she met with prime minister Michael Sanders regarding the possible solution to end the toylandian war, which has been ongoing since 2013.

In June 2017, Paula announced that she is resigning as prime minister and she won't seek a second term. She resigned on June 19th, 2018 and wishes her successor, Sandra Robertson, good luck on her prime minister career.


On July 28th, 2014, after the parliament session, reporters have questioned her about the proposed advertising tax, in which Paula responded by just punching one of the reporters in the face. The media criticized her, with many journalists saying that Paula should be impeached for what she has done. Just a day after the incident occurred, president Damien Rippin was briefed on it, saying that "Paula will not be impeached because of what she did to a reporter and I'm sure that she'll stay in office for a foreseeable future." Paula was also briefed on the incident, saying that she'll apologize for punching a reporter, also saying that she didn't get time to answer questions.

In that same year, on September 17th, Paula has introduced the proposed internet tax which was supposed to take effect in 2015. Shortly after the announcement, many protesters have opened up a group on Facebook, known as (Paula rose should resign). Protests later began on September 26th where some protesters vandalized the joseph palace and sprayed graffiti around the entrance room. Many politicians also criticize Paula for the proposal, claiming that "Paula has made a mistake and she should consider withdrawing the proposal". Paula later confirmed on her Facebook account that she will apologize and cancels the proposal of the internet tax.

In May 2017, during an interview on Wiki Radio 1's 180 minutes, Paula was questioned about the Engarian school crisis where she appeared to look drunk. One of the presenters of the show tried to ask her why she was drunk, but she said: "leave me alone, I want to leave this stupid studio". Shortly after the prime minister interview, Many critics criticized Paula for behaving strangely. 1 day later, Paula apologizes for how she behaved, claiming that she has admitted that she secretly drank alcohol-like drinks at the joseph palace shortly before arriving at the wiki radio headquarters.

Personal life

Throughout her career as prime minister, Paula lived at the joseph palace, with the president also living there. She's single and she had her recent romance with Brian Gough. Both Paula and brian broke up in 2013.

After Paula resigned as prime minister in 2018, she currently lives in a luxurious Komapest mansion.

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