Peedy and Max Takes Over SF08 TV is a promotion for Peedy the Movie that started in November 2018 and ended in March 2019, but again in April Fools Day 2019.

List of interruptions

PGG Rebooted

  • The episode 'Peedy Destroys Toys R Us' had Max change the hue of the episode.
  • The episode 'Peedy Steals The Candy' had Peedy putting a wave effect then Max turns it back to normal.

SF08's PBS Parodies

  • The parody 'P-Head and the Nuclear Attack Warning' had Peedy rewind the nuclear explosion scene.
  • The parody 'A Stupid PBS Christmas' had Max turning the episode black and white but Peedy reverts the color back.

Countryballs: The Animated Series

  • Peedy replaced the one of the characters with his circle shaped head.

Baby Alive

  • Max switches the heads of Baby Alive and Baby Dead with his and Peedy's heads.

Country Ninjas

  • Peedy changes the hue, like with PGG Rebooted.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • In the episode 'Pizza Delivery' like with Country Ninjas and PGG Rebooted, Peedy changes the hue.

Piggy Tales

  • The episode 'Sticky Situation' from Pigs at Work had Max rewinding the scene where the pig bounces and spawns cheese in one of the wood blocks.
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