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Perry Tubular (born Parvīz Najafzadeh (پرویز نجف زاده) on January 12, 1973) is a Iranian-born American-El Kadsreian dancer and theatrical actor.


Perry was born Parvīz Najafzadeh in Isfahan, Iran. When he and his family fled Iran for the United States due to the Iranian Revolution, his father changed his name to Perry Tubular after his skills in dancing were noticed by a group of surf rock enthusiasts.

He was a regular on the PBS Kids Live! tours from 2001-2004, playing Juanita from Timothy Goes to School on the 2001 debut tour, Matt and Jackie (the roles of which he rotated with Paul Luzzatto and Annemarie LaTulip; sometimes within acts of the same performance) from Cyberchase on the 2002 tour, and Lionel Lion from Between the Lions on the 2003 and 2004 tours. Whilst on the 2003 tour, he met his wife, monster truck driver and dancer Keiko Yoshigahara.