Peruka Naku (Kapuran: ╫╢┴┴└ ┤╟ Perukanaku; July 27, 1915-April 22, 2007) was a Narthernese politician and kleptocrat who was a third president of the Republic of Narthernee from 1956 to 1984. The leader of the People's Nationalist Party of Kapura, he ruled as a dictator under two martial laws; one from 1963 to 1972 and another from 1976 to 1981. His regime was infamous for its corruption, brutality, extravagance, its disruption of the food production, which caused the famine which lasted from 1965 to 1966 and the Great Kapuran purge of 1970, which 1.3 million were arrested and 293,691 were executed.

Naku was overthrown in the Narthernese Revolution and fled to Falkland Islands in exile. For the rest of his life, Peruka had nightmares about the torture he had inflicted on generations of Narthernese people and eventually turned to Buddhism, and toured both the El Kadsreian Islands and North America as a public speaker giving speeches on human rights and Buddhism on college and high school campuses and at seminars. He died "a reformed man" in 2007. His son Marko Naku is currently leader of the Narthernee National Party. His other son, Josip Naku, became a folk singer and currently is a studio singer in Los Angeles.

Early life

Peruka was born in the Kapuran town of Sandwich, which was then part of the British Empire in July 27, 1915. He was the only son of Kiraka Naku (1874-1937) and Rasuni Saka (1880-1962), who had married in 1901. He had a ex-sister, who died in the drowning accident two years before Peruka's birth. Peruka was baptized in the Sandwich Anglican Church in August 12, 1919.

His father, Kiraka was a Christian and the tent maker and he ran his own workshop and he hoped Peruka would become a tentmaker when he grows up.

Rise to President

Human Rights Abuses & Overthrowing

Later Years

In 1990, Naku returned to Narthernee where he spoke on his human rights abuses to students at Pyroville International University. Naku stated that his actions and being labelled a war criminal had motivated him to do everything he could to prevent the next generation of politicians from going down the same "evil" path he did, seeing it as the only way he could begin to make up for his government's policies and brutality.

In 2003, Naku spoke to students at University of Colorado Boulder, Maharishi International University, Harvard University, Miami Dade College, Texas Wesleyan University, McGill University, and Capilano University.

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