PhiNet is a Filipino free-to-air commercial television network owned by Trinome Media. It is also referred to as "The Kapinoy Network".



Juan and Nathan Lapid was granted a legislative franchise for "PhilMedia, Inc." on March 26, 1979. They began to invest millions for new shows and imports not airing on VGC and ENetwork, as well as other networks like RPN, IBC, BBC, and GSTV. They acquired a few transmitters across the country and signed agreements with over 20 television stations to air the then-fledgling network.

Early years

PhiNet started broadcasting on May 21, 1980, at exactly 6am. It broadcasted cartoons, movies, and syndicated programming that time. PhiNet raised on the ratings, No.2 beating VGC all the time. It was planning for a news program but due to lack of funds, the network sought help from Central, and thus, Central News went on the air for the first time. On June 10, 1980, President Ferdinand Marcos and PhiNet signed an agreement to air Palarong Pambansa in PhiNet. It still airs up to this day.

In 1985, The MGM studio and PhiNet signed an agreement to air MGM movies on PhiNet, Tagalog dubbed. It still airs today after the sale of most of the pre-April 1986 MGM library to Turner Broadcasting System; Turner was later sold to TimeWarner. It is now part of AT&T. It was also the same year that Central broke away from PhiNet as Eastman was successful funding its new Eastman News division. 

Downfall (1987-1992)

The period saw as a major decline for PhiNet as its resources became outdated and endured major mismanagement which led to the network selling some stations. From being number 1 in the ratings, PhiNet's ratings slumped into No.4, due to the growth of other networks.

In 1987, they also lost DXCQ-TV in Surigao City, one of their strongest affiliates, when that station went independent. DXCQ cited PhiNet's forcefulness into removing English-language programming from their schedule, including English newscasts and The Stock Market Observer.

On 1989, the Proud as a Filipino ID was introduced, inspired by NBC's Proud as a Peacock and under the new management of Jose Lintag, the owner of Eastman Media. Jose Lintag replaced his brother Nathaniel Lintag. However, even with new management, the network still languished into No. 6.

The infamous version of We're Loud by the same PhiNet artists who sung Proud as a Filipino was also made. They mentioned Jose Lintag as a poor manager of the network even though he is the owner. Without the permission of Jose, the song was aired during a commercial break on May 5, 1989; the engineers who aired that were fired.

Making the way to the top; Telenovela Dominance (1992-2000)

On 1992, it started to recoup its ratings.

The reason for this is Miami Vice. The first network to air Miami Vice in the Philippines is PhiNet. It is also reaired on January 2010 as a celebration for being No.1 again in 2009.

In 1996, PhiNet started broadcasting telenovelas, as it is popular back then. This made PhiNet make the way to the top again.

Eastman went defunct; acquired by Trinome

In 1999, Eastman filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it will sell the assets Eastman owned. Trinome acquired the assets including PhiNet.

Second Downfall (2000-2009)

On 2000, Liza Lintag resigned and was replaced by Mike Cruz. His poor management of PhiNet caused the network to slumped on No.5.

On 2003, the Proud as a Filipino ID came back to try to raise ratings. It really didn't work but PhiNet became No.3 later that year.

On 2004, PhiNet coined the term "Kapinoy".

On 2006, Mike Cruz was replaced by Kim Gonzales. She made PhiNet raise on the ratings, becoming No.2 on 2007. It is on No.2 until 2009.

No.1 in ratings (2009-present)

In 2009, it was no.1 unexpected to Den Serran and the staffs of PhiNet. One day later, a special was made about the history of PhiNet, and a Thank You Message by the brothers who formerly setted up the station and Den Serran, Sr.

On 2020, PhiNet celebrated its 40th anniversary.

On April 9, 2020, they introduced a new logo. Upcoming teasers are on commercial breaks about the new logo before April 9.


List of programs broadcast by PhiNet


PhiNet/Program Schedule




Former stations


  • 1980-1985 - Every Filipino's Dream
  • 1985 - Maraming Salamat Po Mga Filipinos!
  • 1985-1987 - Andito Lang Kami sa Telebisyon Mo!
  • 1987-1990 - Andito Lang Kami!
  • 1990 - PhiNet @ 10
  • 1989-1997 - PhiNet, Proud as a Filipino
  • 1997-2003 - Ang PhiNet Mo
  • 2000 - Salamat sa 20 Years, Kaibigan!
  • 2000-2003 - Ang Kaibigan mong Telebisyon
  • 2003-2007 - PhiNet, Proud as a Filipino (second era)
  • 2005 - PhiNet on 25!
  • 2007-2010 - Your Only PhiNet
  • 2010-2016 - Filipino's One
  • 2010 - Happy 30 Years, Still the One
  • 2017 - Laging Andito sa mga Filipinos
  • 2017-2019 - We're With You on PhiNet (still used on stations)
  • 2019-present - Be Local. Be PhiNet
  • 2020 - 40 Years in Philippine TV



  • On the 1980s, it is on No.2 because it is broadcasting alot of FPJ movies, which is popular that time
  • PhiNet is one of the two Filipino networks that does clock idents, alongside with ENetwork.
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