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Philip Davis Vibert (born 27 August 1973), best known as Phil Vibert, is a Magisterian politician who is the 38th and current president of Magisteria. A former non-partisan politician, he served as the Chief of the State Council of the Philadelphia State from 2012 to 2020, making him the first ever non-partisan politician to become the Chief of the State Council.

Born and raised in the Annesia City, Federal Capital Territory, Vibert studied in Harvard University earning his Bachelor of Arts. Before becoming a full-time politician, he was heavily involved in professional wrestling between 1991 and 2007, first being a ring crew of Universal Championship Wrestling before he joined Buddy Gaines in Gaines' new Eastern Wrestling Federation. He was renowned for being a creative dynamo and he was eventually hired as EWF's new booker and later he became the new owner, and started to reform EWF from a traditional company to a cult phenomenon where hardcore wrestling is the main product, which he renamed EWF to Danger And Violence Extreme. In mid-2006, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was in extensive care, he was later declared cancer-free in late-2008. When DAVE filed for bankruptcy in 2007, he disappeared from the public eye thanks to his prostate cancer before reappearing in 2009 as a Liberal Party member but he later left the party in late-2009.

In 2011, he decided to run become a representative in the State Council of the Philadelphia State as a non-partisan politician. He was later elected as the first independent representative in the legislature, then he became the Chief of the State Council in November 2012.

Vibert and his running mate Catherine Fournier-Dixon defeated the Republican ticket of Willis Lennox and Marceau Porcher, and the Communist ticket of Fabian Plamondon and Jepson Hope in the 2021 snap presidential election. Vibert is one of the youngest presidents, the first to have a female vice president, and the first from the Philadelphia state. His early presidential activity centered around his major economic policy, the A Marvelous Future 2030 to speed up the economic growth of Magisteria by using neoclassical synthesis. After 100 years with the government operating under the 1920 Federal Constitution, it was finally replaced with the 2021 Federal Constitution, the notable changes about the new constitution is the presidential term was shortened to four years and abolishment of the controversial Two-round Electoral College.

Early life

Vibert was born on August 27, 1973, in Annesia City, Federal Capital Territory. His mother is of Italian descent, and his father is of Jewish descent. From the age of nine, Vibert had a love for wrestling.


Universal Championship Wrestling (1991-1992)

His professional wrestling career started in Danger And Violence Extreme's predecessor company, Universal Championship Wrestling as a cameraman. In the 1992 UCW split, he joined Buddy Gaines's Eastern Wrestling Federation.

Eastern Wrestling Federation/Danger And Violence Extreme (1992-2007)

Before he became the promotion's head booker, he was a member of EWF's ring crew after joining with Gaines after the 1992 UCW split. His ideas impressed Buddy Gaines that he was appointed as the new head booker of EWF. As he became the new booker of the promotion, the promotion started to expand even more now offering a hard-hitting, gritty, violent product with AJPW's Ōdō ("King's Road") infused into the action wasn't common in Magisterian wrestling. He renamed Eastern Wrestling Federation to Danger And Violence Extreme, and turning the promotion into a cult phenomenon, turning regional wrestlers to national pro wrestling stars. Vibert closed Danger And Violence Extreme on May 13, 2007 due to his prostate cancer.

Politics (2001-present)

While running DAVE, He started his political career on December 2001. He rarely makes political appearances due to his main priority on running DAVE. After DAVE closed in 2007, reappeared as a politician in 2009 as a Liberal Party member but left in the same year. He remained an Independent politician until January 20, 2021 when he officially joined the Magisterian Democratic Party. He later left the MDP to form his own political party, the United Equality Party.

on February 22, 2021, Phil Vibert won the 2021 snap presidential election and is currently the 38th President of the United Magisterian States.

Personal life

Vibert married civil rights activist Maria Corbin (b. 1975) in 1998. He is the father of three children, two twin sons named Martin and Luther and a daughter named Emily. He is also said to be a self-professed avid gamer, with his favourite video games being Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Vibert has also said he's a great admirer of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Political positions

Vibert is the founder and president of the heavily egalitarian United Equality Party and embraces the egalitarian label as part of his political identity. Vibert supports progressive policies such as single-payer Medicare for All, tuition-free public college and trade school, a federal job guarantee, the cancellation of all $1.6 trillion of outstanding student debt, guaranteed family leave, enacting gun-control policies, and energy policy relying on 100% renewables.


Vibert proved to be "extremely neutral" when talking about abortion. He also shows a dislike on talking about abortion.

Death penalty

Vibert is known for his strong opposition to the death penalty, which he expressed during his presidential campaigns. He has continued to speak out against the death penalty in Magisteria and abroad.

Similarities with Michael Vlokozu

Since his first political appearance in December 2001, he has shown similarities to the late Michael Vlokozu of the Vlokozu Union. He is a world peace advocate and a utopianist with his main goal being exactly the same as what Vlokozu was doing when ruling West El Kadsre and the Vlokozu Union, to create a western-style utopian society with "no corruption, fighting or discrimination, but only peace, friendship and understanding."

Awards and accomplishments

  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter
    • Promoter of the Year (1995-2005)
    • Best Booker (1996-2001, 2004-2006)
    • Best Non-Wrestler (1998-1999, 2000-2003)