Pick n Pay is the largest supermarket chain store in Vicnora. Its also the largest supermarket chain store in the Caribbean. Its located on every islands in the Caribbean and all of Vicnora except for the countrys tribal zone.

Other supermarket store chains in Vicnora that are part of the Pick n Pay group are Score Supermarkets and Boxer. However, Pick n Pay is currently converting Score supermarkets into Pick n Pay franchises. This initiative forms the core of Pick n Pay's economic empowerment scheme.

Its local competitors are Aldi and Tesco and internationally BI-LO, SaversMart, Regimart, Pikadike, Chijimatsu Safeway, Publix, Walmart, Target, Himura, Countdown, New World, Spar, Pak'n'Save and Woolworths.


The Pick n Pay brand, which had previously remained largely unchanged since the 1970s, was redesigned in 2007. On November 12, 2007, the company announced a brand transformation in the form of a brand redesign (designed by El Design Group), new uniforms, advertising campaigns, and the slogan "Inspired by You". This rebranding of the iconic Pick n Pay brand led to the disappearance of the apostrophe which appeared before the "n", which led to uproar among those working for the preservation of the apostrophe.

Store types

  • Pick n Pay Hypermarkets
  • Pick n Pay Supermarkets
  • Pick n Pay Family
  • Pick n Pay Liquor
  • Pick n Pay Local
  • Pick n Pay Clothing
  • Pick n Pay Express
  • Pick n Pay Pharmacy stand-alone
  • Pick n Pay Mini-markets and Daily
  • Pick n Pay Spaza
  • Boxer formats


Pick n Pay has stores in islands in the Caribbean, it first opened shortly after the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union. The first Pick n Pay stores were opened in Jamaica and Puerto Rico in 1989.

El Kadsre

Elsewhere in the El Kadsreian Islands

Kadersaryinan Islands


  • Pick n Pay Express is a convenience store chain that’s a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell, BP, among others that serves worldwide except the United States and Canada.
  • Pick n Pay Liquor competes with Bottlemart, Super Liquor and Wickney Liquor.
  • If you arent familiar of a what a spaza is, got to the Wikipedia page and is mainly in the Kadersaryinan Islands.
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