Pipsqueaks are an American candy first sold in 1988. Their taste is described to be similar to a Sour Patch Kid except inverted, with a sweet shell and a sour inside.



Pack Name Time Available Description
Original 1988 - Present The original.
XTREME 1990 - Present More sour version of Original.
Inversion 1990 - 2000

2002 - Present

Original, but the outside is sour but the inside is sweet.


Pack Name Time Available Description
Tropical Depression 1990 - 1998 Introduced to bring more variety in flavors.
Tropical Storm 1991 - 1997 A more sour version of Tropical Depression.


These packs are active in their respective seasons.

Pack Name Introduced In Season Description
Frostbite Winter 2000 Winter More sour than Original. Candies are shaped like snowflakes.
Bounce Spring 2001 Spring This is the most unique of the seasonal packs as some of the flavors don't have the sour inside.
Summer Splash Summer 2001 Summer Colors are more vivid.
Falling Fast Autumn 2001 Autumn The candies are shaped like what the flavors are.



  • Original, XTREME, and Inversion: Cherry, Orange, Grape, Lime


  • Tropical Depression / Tropical Storm: Lime, Pear, Peach, Watermelon


  • Frostbite: Cookie, Chocolate, Eggnog [Not Sour], Candy Cane
  • Bounce: Carrot, Corn, Red Apple [Sour], Chocolate Heart
  • Summer Splash: Lime, Pear, Peach, Watermelon
  • Falling Fast: Pumpkin, Candy Apple, Ghost (any flavor), Chocolate


  • Due to popular demand, the Inversion pack was brought back in 2002.
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