Plummy Molave is a happy-go-lucky girl who is a slime humanoid and she is one of Payton Hicks' best friends. She is also one of the main characters from the Payton Hicks franchise along with Paige Hicks and 4801-1401.


Plummy Molave is a dimwitted, immature but happy-go-lucky girl that likes to hang out with her friends but mostly Payton. In fact, she is a slime so therefore, she cannot get any physical accidents even when she pretends if it was one. She likes drawing, even if she isn't that good at it. She also likes to hang out with Payton Hicks.


She has purple hair and pink skin which explains her as a slime, and she wears big round glasses and a white t-shirt with a design of a lightning bolt. She either wears blue pants or black pants. Usually, she's wearing a red skirt with black stripes. She sometimes wears a ponytail and a bow when going outside.


  • She was a failed science experiment as when the scientist tried to create a human due to her escaping the experiment and learned walking since she was made. She walked from the factory from Eastern Europe to CD20 Island. This happened when she was born from July 1, 2005, and walked from Easter Europe to the Europe part of CD20 Island on September 7, 2005. Which happened for more than 2 months.
  • She has a parent, but her parent is an all-time actor, so she lived in Payton Hick's house since when she was still young. Payton got jealous of her as she started to walk and talk while she was still a baby, but she makes friends of her since then. Payton was the one who named her, as she (NOT PLUMMY CAUSE SHE IS FROM EUROPE) was a Filipino.


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