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Pointwons (pronounced "point-woah-ns") is an area in Gutstone, East Kuboia. Named after Johnathon Pointwon, it was established in April 1987. Though also a residential area, it is perhaps best known for its complex of entertainment offerings.


After Kuboia became an independent country in 1987, there was pressure to include new residential areas within the country in order to attract tourists and potential rise in popularity. Pointwons was then established several weeks later. The name of the area was named after Johnathon Pointwon, a soldier who died in World War II.

Tourism and attractions

Pointwons Village

Pointwons Village is an entertainment and dining complex within Pointwons intended primarily for tourists. It was opened in June 2001. A total of three restaurants are located within the complex; Sapphire Hill, a British-style pub, Golden Prawn, a Chinese American/Kuboian fusion buffet restaurant, and a Sminster chain.

Pointwons Village contains two locally-owned cinemas; the Pointwons Picture House and The Video House. Additionally, an unbranded arcade located in Pointwons Village, featuring a McDonald's restaurant, was opened in 2002.

Gizmo's Metropolis

Main article: Gizmo's Metropolis

Gizmo's Metropolis is an amusement park located in Pointwons. Owned by Rover Enterprises Ltd., it was opened in March 1999, and currently operates from each year from spring to mid-autumn.

Rover's Playhouse

Main article: Rover's Playhouse

Rover's Playhouse is a theatre on the eastern outskirts of Pointwons. It was opened in 1989 as Pointwons Theatre before adapting its current name in 1997. The theatre was temporarily closed from 2011 to 2013 for refurbishments.

Retail and shopping

A few shops selling Kuboian(-related) items, including The Garnett Store (named after Garnett Boastful) and LB Fashion (owned by Little Bee) are located within the complex. Additionally, there is a shop titled Euro Exchange, where customers can trade foreign currency for euros.