The Pokémon franchise first reached Eruowood in late 1998 with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue and the airing of the anime on KERPT. It was then later carried over to Cartoon Network, ERPT Lazer, and Fox Kids.

Video games

All Pokémon games that have been released in the United States have also been released in Eruowood.  Also, Nintendo released some Pokémon games on TechEruo video game consoles.

Event Pokémon

Event Pokémon has been released in the Eruowood sporadically. A majority of the events since 1999 were organized by Nintendo Eruowood, including the PokéTour in 2001 where Mew was distributed, and the Celebi distribution at the Pokémon Tour in 2003.


The Pokémon anime is currently released into four different languages: the English dub, the Spanish dub, the French dub, and the original Japanese version.

Pokémon videos, VCDs, and DVDs have been available for several years.

In Eruowood, the Pokémon anime is available on Amazon Video, Roku, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Dsiney+ and Netflix.


Cartoon Network

ERPT Lazer

Fox Kids


Trading card game

The Pokémon Trading Card Game was very popular when it was first released in Eruowood. However, some of the banned this card game (along with other card games) as it seemed to be a "classroom distraction". Despite this setback, the card game is still being sold in Eruowood at Toys "R" Us, Child World, etc.


Eruowood receives most of the same Pokémon merchandise that is available in the United States, such as plush toys which have been released in major department chains, though merchandise given away in fast food restaurants has become non-existent, as the Pokémon movies are no longer shown at cinemas. Merchandise can be found at Toys "R" Us, Child World, etc.

Food Tie-ins

Over the years Eruowood had some Pokémon related food tie-ins such as cereal and canned pasta.


Several promotional events have been held in Eruowood for Pokémon video games and other media. Many of these events included playable game demos, distribution of event Pokémon, and other incentives such as promotional cards from the Trading Card Game.

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