Ponekuika, or the Republic of Ponekuika is a country in Asia bordered to the Russian Okrug of Chukotka.



Kingdom Ages (1900-1910)

Ponekuika was once a kingdom that existed between 1900 to 1910.

After the monarchy was removed from the country, it became a Republic.

Republican Era (1910-1944)

The former republic was formed in 1910 because of the Republicans hating the monarchy. The king was sent to the Doge Union and resided there until he died.

However, the republic was no more after the Soviet Union completely invaded it.

Soviet era (1944-1991)

ASSR era (1944-1950)

The country became an ASSR when the Soviet Union invaded it.

However, it became a SSR in 1950.

SSR era (1950-1991)

The country became an SSR in 1950 just for defense. It stayed like this until independence in 1991.

Current era (1991-present)

After gaining independence from the USSR, it went on to create its own country and had a growing economy.

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