Charlie Elizabeth Walker, (b. 15th October 1996) better known as her stage name Pop Village, is a Jetanie rapper.

Early life

Walker was born on 15th October 1996 in Koolia, Jetania. She lived with her parents until the age of four, when she was moved in with her uncle. In school, Walker had trouble fitting in and making friends, which causes her to become a bully, who played loud music in corridors, beat up other children and threatened several teachers. She was expelled from school at the age of 14. Due to her bad crime record and reputation, Walker had trouble finding jobs. Due to spending most of her teens idolising in the likes of ZD, K.K.Yo and Mask Torn, her uncle suggested starting a rapping career. Because of this, Walker spent nearly the whole of her late-teen years staying inside and recording vocals.


From 2012 to 2015, Walker spent the majority of her life inside her house, recprding songs and releasing self-released mixtapes. In December 2014, one of her songs, "Backlash", reached number 2 on the Karuboia Underground Singles chart in Kuboia. Later in the beginning of 2015, Brazilian rapper Mask Torn showed interest in singing her to his label, Favelopia. Scared of the public at the time, Walker held off for a couple of months until finally getting signed on March that year.

Personal life

In August 2015, talking about her childhood, Walker mentioned she has "cleaned her act up".

Legal issues

In 2007, when she was 11, Walker vandalised a local shop by spraying graffiti indoors and destroying the majority of its items. Since she was too young to get charged for a criminal record, she got away with it, but was banned from the shop permanently.



As lead artist

Title Year Peak chart positions
(featuring Roger Island)
2015 34 22 158
"Harvest" 2016 41 49
"Karate" 18 10 117
(featuring Reggafuse)
2017 26 13 80
"We're Alright" TBA

As featured artist

Title Year Peak chart positions
(Yahtzee featuring Pop Village, Flavia, Black Card and DJ Shoe)
2018 2 24 16 80 2 18 32 23 39 92
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