The Portosic OS X was released in 2006 by Theorysonic.


The first beta was released in January 2005, it features on-screen touch keyboard and swipe to open app drawer feature. The second beta was released in May 2005, it features new rounded square icons, password pattern, new home screen with widgets, and redesigned UI. The third beta was released in August 2005, it features the new notifications center, new upper bar, redesigned apps, new settings and preferences. The release candidate was released in November 2005.


  • Capacitive Touchscreen capability.
  • 16M 24-bit high colors support.
  • New notifications center.
  • Improved networking and performance.
  • Ability to play 720p HD videos, with limited 1080p Full HD support.
  • Revamped user interface and experience.
  • On-screen touch keyboard.
  • New home screen with applications, search bar, and widgets.
  • Added support for TheoryTablet.
  • USB OTG support (TheoryPhone X and later only).
  • It is the last version to support TheoryPhone III.

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