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***One of the earliest cartoons to use a 20 minute segment format.
***One of the earliest cartoons to use a 20 minute segment format.
*''[[Peppa Pig Tales]]'' (2006-)
*''[[Peppa Pig Tales]]'' (2006-)
**Takes place in the "Peppa Pig universe", which contains all canon ''Peppa Pig'' media since the original 1909 cartoons.
**Takes place in the "Peppa Pig universe", which contains all canon ''Peppa Pig'' media since the original 1909 cartoons. ''The Little Cats'' is a segment on the show. Variety show.

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Poulin Baker Animation Studios is a French/American film studio and a subsidiary of Poulin Communications. It took on its current name in 1975. Films produced by The Baker Company and Poulin Baker Ordinateur Studios are also released under this brand. The company is currently owned by Poulin's daughter, Pecca Poulin.


The Little Cats

Main article: The Little Cats

Poulin created a comic strip named Les Petits Chats, or The Little Cats. Produced and distributed by Poulin's own Little Cats Group, it focused on three young mischievous stray cat siblings, Marie, Missy and Thomas, who commonly got in trouble with their mother. At the start of the strip, Poulin had little to no drawing skill, and so the strip reflected that. However, Poulin improved by the end of the strip. The format of The Little Cats was an "adventure-of-the-week" type. It began on 31 January 1901, and ended on 5 September 1904, due to Poulin not knowing any original adventures by then.

After The Little Cats ended, Poulin renamed Little Cats Group to Poulin Productions and drew funny advertisements for companies. It wasn't until 1907 when Poulin was able to get distribution for The Little Cats in the United States, when the strip was translated to English and distributed by World Feature Service. This English-translated version lasted till 1910, but due to the strip being popular, new adventures were created for it until 1939, and after that, it switched to a monthly comic book format and continued through the 1960s.

Poulin Productions

In 1909, Poulin finished a cartoon that he called "Comics in Motion". The cartoon was more of an animated slideshow and featured two black peccaries he would soon call Missy and Georges in the next 1915 cartoon, Missy the Little Pig. Missy was renamed Pecca in The Adventures of Pecca to distinguish her from the cat Missy. By 1918, three distributors were looking to pick up the Pecca cartoons: National Exchange, International Film Syndication and Kädzer Distributors. National and Kädzer were both defunct by 1919 and International was no longer interested, so Paramount Pictures was chosen to distribute all cartoons made by Poulin. Their partnership continued until 1968.

Poulin Productions shut down in 1927.

Poulin-Baker Cartoon Studios

In 1929, Poulin reformed Poulin Productions as Poulin-Baker Productions. In 1932, with the beginning of Peppatoons, Pecca was renamed Peppa but retained her peccary appearance until 1931, when Polacolor became widely available, when she was recolored to be a pink pig. Dippy Ditties was created in 1934 and was black and white until 1939, and Peppa still appeared a peccary in that series until then.

Poulin-Baker Television

Main article: Poulin Baker Television

In 1949, a television division, Screen Rhapsody, was established. It was originally created to distribute old Poulin and Poulin-Baker cartoons to television.

In 1955, a Peppa Pig sequel started production. It was canceled because Poulin said the story was too small-scale for a feature film. The film was split up and broadcast as the first episodes of The Peppa Pig Show on ABC on pan and scan, taking the slot of the Disney show. The Poulin-Baker animators were on a rush and were forced to finish the film quickly, resulting in cheap-looking animation to finish the film. Restored versions of the film can now be found on the Peppa Pig: The Original Series DVD bundle.

A sequel was eventually released in 1962.

In 1958, most of the Poulin-Baker short cartoon team was sent to Screen Rhapsody to start production on new episodes of The Peppa Pig Show. The show was self-distributed until 1962.

Poulin Baker Home Entertainment

Main article: Poulin Baker Home Entertainment

Poulin Baker Home Entertainment was formed in 1977 as a partnership with Magnetic Video. The first video put up by PBHE was the Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots LaserDisc in 1979.

Television shows

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