Precision Records, also known as Precision, is a El Kadsrian Hardcore Techno label founded in 2004 by Calista.

The label focuses on a wide variety of Hardcore Techno, ranging from Hardcore to Hard PsyTrance. It manages artists such as Calista, Rosalin, wowstyle, Dan Rebel and Impvlse.



  • Precision Impvlse (Hardstyle,Impvlse)
  • Wow! (Big Room Hardstyle,wowstyle)
  • Rebel Music (Hardcore, Dan Rebel)
  • Abstrakt Productions ( Hard Psytrance)
  • R3S3T (experimental subgenres)
  • Bloodline (Hardcore and Raw subgenres of Hardstyle)
  • French To The Core (Frenchcore)


  • HMM (Hardcore Music Movement) (Hardcore) (2011)
  • Precision Italy (merged into Precision Europe) (2013)
  • Precision Benelux (merged into Precision Europe) (2013)
  • Phantom Productions (Frenchcore) (2011)
  • Extreme+ (Raw subgenres of Hardstyle) (2014)
  • Uncontroled Rage (Hardcore) ( became HMM in 2007)
  • Precision Wow! (wowstyle) (became Wow! in 2013)
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