Presbitero José Mahi de Guzman (born May 1, 1962), better known as Presbitero Mahi, is a Filipino-Vicnoran voice actor, actor, musician, and singer.


Presbitero was born in Baguio, Luzon, Philippines to a Vicnoran father and Filipino mother. At age 7, he and his parents moved back to his father's hometown of Tugaganda, Vicnora.


Presbitero began singing at age 12, and when he attended Tugaganda Filipino High School, he performed in the choir.

Presbitero has performed the theme songs to several Vicnoran dubs of TV shows. When the 1979 anime of Doraemon premiered in Vicnora in 1995, he translated Arturo Sabugueiro's Galician theme ("Doraemon ten un peto máxico") into Vicnoran.


  • Vale Pepelo in bro'Town (Vicnoran dub)
  • SpongeBob in SpongeBob SqaurePants (Vicnoran dub)
  • Robbie Rotten in LazyTown (Vicnoran dub)
  • Baltasar Fairchild in Fred's Head (Vicnoran dub)
  • Numbuh 1 in Codename: Kids Next Door (Vicnoran dub)
  • Starscream in The Transformers (Vicnoran dub)
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