Prias Productions was an El Kadsreian Internet production company created by Pedro Prias and based in the city of San Isiza, EEKS.


Prias Productions was formed on June 3, 2014, first producing a three-episode web series titled Diego, which was released on the main Prias Productions VidSpace channel (Equipo Prias). Following the release, Prias Productions started on a new series, El Carlos y María Mostrar, which got its own VidSpace account.

Rise of controversy

On September 21, 2016, released 10 VidSpace Accounts to Keep Away from Children. El Carlos y María Mostrar was ranked as #3 due to Elsagate, pointing out that many of their videos had implicit adult themes, also stating:

"The most inappropriate episode is 'Cumpleaños de María,' where Señor Payaso blows a balloon for María, and María thanks Señor Payaso. But he states 'Estás muy bien para mí a soplar un globo.', which, in English, is 'You are very good for me to blow a balloon,' meaning that the clown may have a possible relationship with the underage niña. However, Prias Productions, the creators, deleted the scene."

After that, controversy spread about Prias Productions, and Prias removed the El Carlos y María Mostrar episode from VidSpace. And Prias produced more and more inappropriate programming, including El TV Kadsre News stating that Prias had been publishing videos of children making "dirty" jokes and adults hinting at possible romance with teens.

In June 2018, Prias was banned from VidSpace due to possible child endangerment.

End of the company

Prias Productions was shut down on September 3, 2018, when Pedro Prias deliberately killed himself in a motorcycle crash. The company was shut down by partner Alejandro Quepesáras.

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