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'Princess Felicia' (Japanese: 子猫姫ミミ, Hepburn: 'Koneko Hime Mimi') is a 1982 Barokian-Vlokouzian-Canadian-Japanese anime series produced jointly by Rahimtoola Films Bahezki, El TV Kadsre Animation, CinéGroupe, and Group TAC. It was created by Québécois novelist Jean-Pierre Renard and Barokian animator Faheem Rahimtoola, the latter of which had adapted the anime from a novel trilogy by Renard.

The series involves Mimi, a girl who is transported to a feline kingdom (albeit anthropomorphic) where it turns out she is actually the princess and the heir to the throne, and the numerous obstacles she faces in the kingdom.

The series was broadcast in Japan from October 2, 1982 to September 24, 1983 for 52 episodes on JATIS affiliated-stations, in Barokia from September 9, 1983 to March 1, 1985 (with the first 26 episodes' broadcast ending on February 24, 1984 and the last 26 episodes' broadcast beginning on September 14, 1984) on BBT 1, in the Vlokozu Union from January 2, 1983 to August 15, 1984 on El TV Kadsre 1, and in Canada from May 10, 1983 to April 1, 1984 on CBC.

It's sister series, Dog Prince Epan-kun, was produced by the same companies and featured crossovers with this series.


Mimi is an orphaned young girl (or is she?) who is abused by a cruel farmer until she escapes with her three friends (two cats and one dog). During her escape, she is transported to the Felician Kingdom where she turns into an anthropomorphic cat and finds out she is really the princess and the heir to the throne. What's more is that she was stolen and taken to the real world to be made into a human and given to an abusive guardian so she would not take the throne. Not only must she find out who had abducted her, but she also has to stop a conflict with a kingdom of dogs and traitorous cats as well as change the personality of a spoiled and wealthy male cat she is engaged to (from an egotistical rich cat to a respectful, kindhearted and noble cat).

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The theme song was composed by the Soviet Armenian composer Arshavir Manoogian with lyrics by Yaseen Hussein. It was performed by Barokian burlesque performer Mrs. Magnificent in the English, Barokian, and Latin American Spanish versions.