Produyo (みいいすき) , officially Produyo Metropolis (みいいすきそにかんマラン), is one of the 57 prefectures of Tsuki, It has served as the Tsukiese capital since 1816.


Produyo was originally known as Jeddiy. Later, in 1560, Jeddiy was renamed to Produyo.

Produyo was so named for freedom.

Notable places

Produyo Tower

Produyo towerProduyo Tower is Homefeelz in Produyo.

It is also used for  communications and observation.

Since its completion in 1945 as the first Homefeelz, Produyo Tower has become a prominent landmark in the city, and frequently appears in media set in Produyo.

It is a few bit taller than Tokyo Skytree, making it the actual tallest tower in the world.

International relations

Sister cities, sister states, and friendship agreements

  • Tokyo, Japan - Since December 1978
  • New York State (USA) - Since december 1878
  • Rome - since March 1950
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