Project Fate.Alicia Amusment Creative, LLC (doing business as PFA48 AMUSEMENT CREATIVE and known on YouTube as Project Fate.Alicia AKS - S.C. NANA NET) is a American Elgin-based entertainment company and YouTube channel, owned by Nana Mizuki Another. Its Japanese headquarters are owned by King Records. Project Fate.Alicia is a member of S.C. NANA NET, making it the fanclub member from the United States of America.


Richard Prelly era

The history of Project Fate.Alicia was began on May 2, 1988, when Richard Prelly was inspired when he started recording his Super 8mm films in 1979. he could get more money for them. Then Richard decided to create his film production in-house unit, the Richard Prelly Film Studio, and started making his own first TV series, Downtown Clever, to earn its more money. His idea was accepted, and so Paramount Pictures teamed up with Richard's in-house unit. In the mid-1988, the in-house unit was acquired by Gulf+Western. During late 1988, Richard spent over 6 months of making his shows.

While Richard is making his TV series, CBS asked him that how to spend time making series for 1 year. Richard could not go fast making, as he stops from making his show because he is tired spending. Due to this, his brother Homer Prelly decided to produce Richard's former TV series. In 1989, Gulf+Western sold Richard Prelly Film Studio, causing the unit to became a home-movie studio. Around the same time, Gulf+Western was rebranded as Paramount Communications. Richard and Homer recorded their home movies with a Super 8mm film recorder. Later, on July 9, 1991, Richard and Homer could not handle recording their last home movie, KISS Concert at the Chicago, but it failed because of anti-copyright policies. Richard worked alone recording his films until early 1992 after the seanti-copyright policies After failing, they started to change the unit a film studio into a museum house and archived its home movies.

PFA48 era

25 years pass, on November 4, 2016, Richard's another brother, Jake, created his YouTube channel Sailor Moon & Kirby Fanatic Studios, after his former channel, the Ami Mizuno Head Department, has been terminated. Jake found out that he was a Sailor Moon and Kirby franchises' fanboy. His first video was an introduction video, but it was removed later. Jake did not make Vyond videos since his time trial was expired. From 2016 to 2018, the YouTube channel had over 10 names, including Mirai Asahina, Mario Head, Sapphire Amy, and NozomiRocks2007.

On October 20, 2018, a 15-year-old girl named Nana Mizuki Another has took over the Mirai-Nozomi Dream Team studio house, but Monica Laverne and Nachel Young are still founders of their studio house, which made out from their house. Later on, she made the first Discord server, called "The TGA Party Server". During the Mirai-Nozomi era of Project Fate.Alicia YouTube channel, Nana streamed over 10 episodes of her stream series but it was revived, Live with Alice & Friends. Monica and Nachel have been moved from Elgin to Florida to live their lifes in sight. This stream show became a successful before [The Joseph Goes Livestream Movie: The Third Part] went into release.

On November 4, 2018, the studio house's division Embassy Love, was created for Lauren PeachTree, who joined the studio after forming. After this, Nana teamed up with Soneto to create The Alice and Soneto Show livestream show. During this time, Embassy Love restored few pre-1930's cartoons and films for VidSpace. another division was formed, called MNDT Labs, now Project Fate.Alicia Laboratory. Embassy Love, however, was making Vyond videos until 2020. Nana found that Vyond was a thing so-called a cringe website ever. Nana however, made its last Vyond video in 2020, which was removed early.

On December 5-6, 2018, Nana and Lauren brought Monica and Nachel back to their house to make more videos together. In doing so, Nana, Monica, Nachel, and Lauren merged them into the channel that Pretty Cure fans who don't know what is a YouTube channel, the Pretty Cure Agency. Nana also revived Live with Alice & Friends stream series, which is now known as The PCA LiveStream Show. In December 23, 2018, the YouTube channel was acquired by The Kyoobur Company, which is now The Kyoobur Group.

On early 2019, Lauren, Monica, and Nachel left from this studio, and Nana Mizuki Another renamed its studio name from Pretty Cure Agency into ClariS the Second (or Lyrical☆ClariS2), after her livestream show The PCA LiveStream Show, went dormant because Google Hangouts On Air is getting retired in mid-2019. During this era, Nana uploaded the limited videos until Television Place renames into the Country Television System, and is currently making her mods for Left 4 Dead 2 on GameMaps. Her first concert. Lyrical☆ClariS2 Magical Live Concert 2019, was held on the Peach Pit Stadium of Whispering Oaks Amusement Park in June 13, 2019, one day after Nana's 16th birthday. In July, after Nana Mizuki Another started to like not-another Nana Mizuki, she decided to rename her YouTube channel into F.T.H. Project. F.T.H. is Fate Testarossa Harlaown intials. After that, Seven Arcs acquired F.T.H. Project on July 6, 2019, after Nana asked a question about her YouTube career from 2015 to 2016. Thus, Nana accepted the Seven Arcs acquisition.

On the start of December 2019, her sister Alicia asked Nana to merge her channel to form the Project Fate.Alicia. Nana agrees, and so F.T.H. Project merged with Alicia's former channel to form Project Fate.Alicia, closing Alicia's channel. F.T.H. Project's logo was still used until the end of 2019. In mid-December, Nana started making videos to be in 1440p/2K HD. Her few videos were removed from YouTube because of these copyright issues.

On January 28, 2020, Project Fate.Alicia finally joined the agent called Agency Office ELEVEN. This became a subsidiary of Agency Office ELEVEN, through the Kyoobur Company is a still partner of the company. Project Fate.Alicia left Agency Office ELEVEN to join AKS Project in the start of March 2020. In June, her another concert was planned, called Lyrical☆ClariS2 Magical Live stage 2020. It was held on the Topeka Performing Arts Center in June 13, 2020. On the same day, Project Fate.Alicia joined the CWK/ραяαиøια/647 Timon10 Corporation to make some shows made for this unit. Project Fate.Alicia became an Alden Moeller, Inc. company after 647 Timon10 Corporation agreed to join after Capacelan left the 647 Timon10 Corp.

MGLN StrikerS re;MIX logo (without remake project notice)

This is logo for Magical Girl Lyrical☆Nanoha StrikerS Re;MIX.

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