Project Trident is a video game development division founded by Forcefield and was established in 1998. The team is used for Forcefield's StarCore franchise (with the team being named after the player's ship, the Trident) but also help design several other properties beyond the latter. The final StarCore related game the team developed was Project StarCore in 2009. Despite the latter, the team still exists today and still produces several games for the company.

Notable games

  • StarCore Plus (1998)
  • BeatPulse (2002) - Partial work
  • StarCore Gaiden (2003)
  • StarCore Pocket (2006)
  • Project StarCore (2009)
  • Hyper Combat 4 (2011)
  • The Adventure of Wrigley (2016)
  • Tsujin Paradise EX (2017)
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