The protests against Derrick Harlock first started in 1980 because of political scandals in the Dominion of Kuboia and in Jetania, the ending of the first round of the protests when all countries that used to part of the Jetanie dominions got their independence. Second round of protests started in 1996 because they falsely accused thousands of innocent people and one of the judges they violated their own constitution for not giving those innocent citizens a fair trial and they were given cruel and unusual punishments, that second round ended when they imprisoned Kolar Jarockhet for violating the constitution and the police released all of those innocent people that were falsely accused back at 1996. The third round started on 15th September, 2016 following assassination of Johnny Rosales during his visiting in Koolia, Jetania and a series of bombings in Manyirce. The third round ended when Darlene won the 2019 Jetanian presidential election and the Harlock Party of Jetania was banned, which caused all Harlockist political parties to be banned in the Jetanian archipelago countries where Derrick Harlock is way more hated, particularly the countries that gained independence from Jetania, except for Garajuen.


Johnny was assassinated by the members of the Harlock's military forces, many supports began protesting against Harlock. He was buried at the Manyrice Memorial Park on 29th September, 2016.

In March to June 2019, most of Jetanian citizens, supporters, and other people worldwide supporting and voting Darlene instead of Derrick under Voting Acts and public voting for preventing corruption and too much power due to bombings and revolt.


In late May 2019, several young people in Koolia were asked if they think Derrick Harlock should be replaced. According to statistics posted online, 43% said yes and 49% said no. The remaining 8% of votes were invalid.

A vote on whether Darlene Gerendez should become the new president of Jetania will take place on 19th June, 2019.


For Derrick Harlock

  • Many Jetanie citizens have stated that they are comfortable and used to Harlock being president.
  • People who have attempted to overthrow Harlock have usually been considered inexperienced, people in the low class, people in the middle class and some Jetanian politicians.

Against Derrick Harlock

  • Harlock has been criticised in the media for decades for being a dictator, and having too much power.
  • Many people worldwide believe that Harlock has been the president for too long.
  • Harlock is often considered extremely radical and atrocious to the politics of Jetania.


Round 3

Darlene won the election with a total of overall voting (including Contribution, Subscription, and others) against Derrick Harlock and the government, rallies, supporters, and many more people began to overthrow them, creating the Third Republic of Jetania. Harlock will lead to exile to Faricia.

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