Psyclapse is an American animated science fiction dramedy television series created by Brad Chandler, Jo and Norah Keaton, Steve Terrier and Jake Liam for HBO Max.


Four people end up in the middle of a big event involving alternate universes, mind control and a supernatural drug called Psyclapse. 


In 2015, Brad Chandler and Steve Terrier wrote an episode of Loner Campfire, "Autumn", which was then passed by the other creators of the series. It was soon adapted into a short film using the rotoscope animation style made in Adobe Flash. 

In 2019, Psyclapse was greenlit to start production. It's produced by Mikros Image, who also provide most of the visual effects in the series; Jo and Norah Keaton through their JoNo Productions banner; and Jake Liam and Steve Terrier through their production company Liam/Terrier.

It was originally set to be a YouTube Premium original series, until it was put in a turnaround and acquired by WarnerMedia Entertainment for its HBO Max streaming service.

The visual effects were done by Rabbit Special Effects, Mikros Image and Spectral Motion, while the conversion to rotoscope animation style was done by Artbelly Productions.

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