This is a complete list of holidays that are observed in Minecraftia.

Holiday name Date Non-working or working? Note
New Year's Day January 1 Businesses can open at afternoon shift if included. The only businesses allowed to be open are drug stores and most major restaurants. During the morning hours, traffic is reduced to control level.
Coming of Age Day Second Monday in January Working, ceremonies are held to congratulate those who reached the age of 21.
Drillimation New Year Last Sunday in February Mostly a working day, while a few businesses take the day off.
The King's Birthday March 3 If it lands on a weekday, all school days are shortened to early dismissals. All businesses use the morning and afternoon shifts. King Consort Susumu was born on this day in 1984.
Hinamatsuri March 3 Working
Victory Day March 11 Working, but a moment of silence is held for eleven minutes in the morning to honor the veterans who participated in the Minecraftian Civil War. Was introduced in 2018, the war ended on this day in 2008.
Commencement of the Academic Year First Monday in April All businesses have a standard working day.
Minecraftia Day May 17 Businesses are not open, only fast-food restaurants are. All schools take the day off and perform their own special events. Also known as Independence Day.
The Queen's Birthday May 28 Mostly working, all schools have early dismissals. If it lands on a Monday or Friday, then schools are not in session. Queen Konata was born on this day in 1983.
Independence Week Lasts the first week of July Working.
Tanabata July 7 Working
Labor Day First Monday in September Non-working
Halloween October 31 Working
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November Non-working. The only businesses allowed to be open are drug stores.
Christmas December 25 Non-working. The only businesses allowed to be open are drug stores.