Pueblo Sésamo is the Puerto Changuese adaptation of Sesame Street. It uses characters from the original American Sesame Street, the Mexican Plaza Sésamo, the Spanish Barrio Sésamo, Kittenolivian Sesame City, Kuwaiti Iftah Ya Simsim, and the German Sesamstrasse (and later, the Canadian Sesame Street/Park, Japanese Sesame Street, Israeli/Palestinian Rechov Sumsum — Shara'a Simsim, Moppy from Universal Studios Japan, and both Chinese adaptations). Unlike most other adaptations of Sesame Street, it is targeted to children ages 10-17. This is because the Puerto Changuese preschool television industry relies heavily on animation, and live-action preschool television shows are usually shunned. It is produced in Spanish but is also dubbed into German, Norwegian, French, and Dutch.



  • Andre (puppeteered by Lars Herbjørnsrud) - a blue snail raised by his gay human parents, Leo and Marcus.


  • Abla from Iftah Ya Simsim as Maria (puppeteered by Amelia Fernandez) - a purple full-body cat.


  • Street Scenes: Same as the original American, German, Mexican, Canadian, Japanese, and Chinese TV shows, but targeted towards older viewers.
  • El diminuto cerebro de Elmo: A version of the original US Elmo's World targeted towards preteens.
  • Escuela de hadas para tonterías: A version of the original US Flying Fairy School segments targeted towards preteens.
  • Cookie presenta: Crumby Pictures: Parodies of famous movies featuring Cookie Monster. Targeted towards both teenagers and the adult audience.

Veshnyak Azhishchenkov's Neighborhood

Based on the original US version of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" and the Canadian "Mr. Dressup", but targeted towards kids ages 10-17.

  • Mr. Thompson's TV House: Veshnyak talks to the viewers about certain topics. Sometimes, he dresses up using materials from his "Box of Fun". It is made obvious that this is just a set in a studio. Targeted towards teenagers and the adult audience.
  • Neighborhood of Make-Believe: Starring replicas of the original Mr. Rogers puppets. Targeted towards preteens.
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