Puerto Chango is a country in the Jetanie Archipelago. Puerto Chango is connected to Tyono via a bridge-tunnel.


Puerto Chango was founded in 1867 as a colony of the Kingdom of Spain. In 1900, the colony declared independence and soon it became a country. The first four countries to make contact with the newly-founded Puerto Chango were Norway, the Great Qing of China, the German Empire, and the United States.

During World War 2, the village of Alcapaz was used as an Allied fighter-interceptor base intended to protect the Jetanie Archipelago from Axis bomber aircraft, while the city of Figgelmünch was used as a shelter for fleeing Spainards, Germans, Greeks, Albanians, and Italians. After World War 2 ended, new regions were created and the Federal District became the country's capital.


  • Most people can speak English fluently, even though it's not an official language there.

Other stuff

  • There is one monarchist cult in Puerto Chango that claims that the Xinhai Revolution in China was the result of communism.
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