Pupsquad is a animated TV series created by Maja Prebensen and Sung Gim. Pupsquad is intended to be a parody of the Technic Heroes franchise despite being created by Sung Gim, one of the producers of Technic Heroes, and as a result the series is considered canon to the franchise. It is one of the franchise's longest-running television series, with other Aqua installments Team Aqua and Maxigon: Aqua II coming in close despite undergoing three hiaituses.

Pupsquad is about a team of anthropomorphic dogs who has powers to transform into Technic heroes to fight crime.




  • Pedro Tchividjian as Barnaby Davids/Bar, Barnaby is a pit bull who becomes the Technic hero of Air
  • Naoki Takenaka as Sachiko Kato/Sasha, a former pawn searcher, is a black and white Pekingese dog who becomes the Technic hero of Lightning. She takes on a dog form whilst with the Pupsquad, she uses her human form with other Technic Heroes teams.
  • Harley Michaels as Andrew Garfunkel/Andos, Andrew is a black Pekingese dog who becomes the Technic hero of Fire
  • Bill Fish as Pete Katz/Peter, Pete is a white poodle who becomes the Technic hero of Iron
  • Freddie Derricks as Roger Carlson/Rog, Roger is a German shepherd who becomes the Technic hero of Earth
  • Gerald Weekes (first voice), Heinrich Hashikawa (second voice) as Professor Ruff Ito, the Pupsquad's main "contractor" and the bumbling inventor of their equipment

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