Qasim Amjad (born January 12, 1962) is a Syrian actor who was based in El Kadsre from 1985-1993 and in Barokia from 1994-1998 and 2013-present. He was also the CEO of El TV Kadsre Television Network from 1987-1991.


Qasim was born in Aleppo when Syria was part of the United Arab Republic. In 1980, his father, a imam at a mosque in Raqqa, gave him 501 US dollars and a copy of the Quran, and he moved to the Vlokozu Union.

In 1985, he became an actor, and as a result of his skills in playing foreigners and Middle Eastern characters, he quickly became one of the highest paid actors under El TV Kadsre Television Network. In 1987, Ryu Hamasaki resigned as El TV Kadsre's CEO and Amjad became the new CEO at the last second after Pasi Peure declined the job.

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