Quebec in real world is a Canadian territory

But, the country got free in 2013



In 2012, Canada agreed that Quebec people should vote if Quebec should be free or not, 68% of the votes were yes, and, in 2013, Quebec leaved Canada.

It joined the UN in 2013 too


It is similar to the American/Canadian channels, but with some differences

The most watched native Quebecóis channel is Quebec Kids, that used to be an affiliate of Discovery Kids

8 out of 10 houses have at least one TV, meanwhile 9 out of 10've got Pay TV


They created the Quebecóis Pizza, which is based on Pizza, Tomato, Broccoli, Bacon, Cheese and Mushrooms


Most of the Quebec people are (descendants) from France, UK and Canada

3 out of 5 Quebecóis are natives

LGBT was legal on the territory in 1969, it kept legal when it got free, and gay marriages are common

Its national languange is French, Quebec's favorite sports are Hockey, Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball

Most of the Quebecóis are White


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