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Quest for the Masks 2 (also known as Bionicle 2 and Bionicle 2: The Bohrok Swarms and the Bohrok-Kal Strike in Europe) is a 1982 Vlokozuian kadsresatsu superhero film. It is the seventh Technic Heroes installment and second Bionicle installment. Quest for the Masks 2 is the one of the longest Technic Heroes movies ever made, with its runtime of 3 hours and 47 minutes.

It is also the second of two films in the franchise to be distributed by Vlokozuian Media Union.


The Toa emerge from Makuta's lair victorious, only to discover that the villain has unleashed a new threat to the island: the Bohrok Swarms. Six breeds of robotic bug-like drones designed to "cleanse" Vlokozu Union like a nuclear bomb to the point the land is rendered barren and inhabitable. The Bohrok rampage across the island and tear down the regions of each village, forcing the Turaga and Matoran to flee. While many of the villagers are placed under the influence of the Bohrok's brain-like Krana organisms, others find new ways to retaliate against the swarms.

The Toa collect all eight varieties of Krana from each breed while combating the swarms and later reunite to travel down to the Bohrok's underground nests. There, they place the Krana in niches located in each breed's hive, but this alone fails to stop the swarms. The Toa then discover powerful, sentient battle armor named Exo-Toa. Donning them, they're directed to the chamber of the true Bohrok commanders: the Bahrag twins Cahdok and Gahdok.

As the Toa battle the nest queens, they discover that the Exo-Toa are hampering their elemental abilities. Taking the robotic armor off, they are able to re-access them and trap the Bahrag in a cage of solid protodermis (a material created by all six Toa's elemental powers). On the surface, the swarms stop in mid-action. The Matoran begin the process of rebuilding their villages with help from the Bohrok robots now that their Krana are powerless.

The Toa's victory is short-lived when the ground beneath them opens up and plunges each of them into tubes filled with energized protodermis, transforming the heroes into more powerful beings with new armor, masks and weapons; creating the Toa Nuva. At the same time, a set of new Kanohi masks are placed in secret hiding places all over the Vlokozu Union for the heroes to find, six symbol plaques connected to the Toa's elemental abilities appear in each village, and a cube that can fit all the plaques together is formed near the Bahrag's prison.

Emerging from the tubes and returning to the surface, the Toa Nuva engage in battle against one another to test their new powers, but their actions lead to anger amongst them and despite Gali's pleas, all think it best to go their separate ways.

Following the defeat of the Bahrag and the Bohrok's return to their nests, the Toa Nuva returned to their villages to help in the reconstruction after the damage the swarms caused. However, six new elite Bohrok - the Bohrok-Kal - appear with the intention of releasing the Bahrag so the Bohrok may swarm again.

Each Kal steals a Nuva symbol tablet, robbing the heroes of their command of the elements. The Toa Nuva were later told by the Turaga to collect five masks in order to access the piece of the Kanohi Vahi - the legendary Mask of Time while Kouji and Darren were told to find where the Bohrok-Kal is. After putting the six pieces of the Vahi back together, the Toa Nuva chase the Bohrok-Kal all over the Vlokozu Union while relying solely on their mask powers and combat skills and eventually find them in the Bahrag's underground nest. The Kal defeat the Exo-Toa guards with ease before attempting to fit all six plaques onto the Nuva cube in order to re-awaken the swarm queens.

Before the tablets join, Tahu uses the Vahi to slow down time around them. Though unable to directly attack the Kal, the gambit buys the Toa time to devise a new strategy. Using their connections to their tablets, they feed energy into the elite Bohrok, making them believe that their power alone can cleanse the island. However, the Kal's powers soon run wild and destroy them. The Toa Nuva exit the nest, and after hiding their tablets in secret locations, enjoy a new time of peace on the Vlokozu Union.


Production and release

Quest for the Masks 2 was originally going to have Kouji becoming the seventh Toa, known as "Voriki", but after the Toa Nuva was created, the idea was eventually scrapped.

Quest for the Masks 2 is also first Technic Heroes film to have computer generated graphics, which was done by Vlokozuian Organization of Technological Research (VOTR), the animation house division of the Vlokozuian Media Union.


Like Quest for the Masks, Quest for the Masks 2 is also met with the critical acclaim.