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    Quivettesland (officially Commonwealth of Quivettesland) is a country located in Oceania. It is to the east of New South Wales, Australia.


Similar to Australia, Quivettesland is broken up into states, the total amount being 13.

  1. Barrington
  2. Harper
  3. Lightbourne
  4. Levi
  5. Forbes
  6. Kunzel
  7. Siddons
  8. Travers
  9. Weber
  10. Palmer
  11. Fletcher
  12. Iavarone
  13. Barresi





In Quivettesland, the school week starts on Monday and ends on Friday, with exceptions being for holidays, storms, in-services and the like. Students get two breaks over the course of the school year - a summer break that lasts from December to February, a day off for independance day. The school year follows the Australian standard. The school year begins in February and it ends in December.

People and Trends

  • The legal drinking age is 20 years old.
  • The legal marriage age is 18 years old.
    • Marrying before dating is illegal.
  • The legal driving age is 16 years old.
  • The average person in Quivettesland has a life expectancy of 60 years (men) to 67 years (women).
  • The national sport of Quivettesland is rugby.
  • The age for becoming an adult in Quivettesland is 18 years old.
  • Independance Day in Quivettesland is celebrated on September 1.
  • Similar to the Island of Sally, you must be able to speak all native languages of your country if you are applying to work for the government. In Quivettesland's case, you must be able to speak fluent English and Italian.



  • Quivettesland has its cars drive from the left, similar to Australia, Ireland, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.
  • Quivettesland's standard plug socket is Type L.
  • Quivettesland's internet TLD is .com.qv