RAN (or "Reversed America Network" for long) is a television network in the Reversed America launched in 1989. It is one of the two major networks in the USRA. It even got its own Animation Festival.


United States of Bottom Network was founded on January 11, 1989 and started airing on October 21, 1989. It was one of international television networks to not have its own original programming instead of having a full line of syndication programming (expect for its news and its only animated original programming called "THE WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION!", the longest running show on RAN, and there are more planned original programming to come). They also aired some CBS shows starting on September 12th 2001 after the 9/11.

They changed the name to RAN following the USB changing their name.

In October 21st 2018, They Announced they Entering the Film industry Under "RAN Movies" banner starting with Failure (Parodies of Three Worst Films).

At December 31st 2018 at the 19th Annual Animation Festival, They Announcing they going to Merges with HITS into An Holding Company called "Wondercast". They also said they expanded their Operation to El Kadsre. But Since They and HITS Are about to Merged; They also said It Combined with HITS under "RAN + HITS". It about Launch at January 24th 2019. They Yet again also Announced The Logos Change along with HITS and BOP!,But It will get out of the Logo Method they used since 2007. They Quote "TV May be Never look a Same,But what about an Logo? so After 30 years of Stars Stand with the Line to right Side. We Will Finally See Star Behind the Lines!". However; the new logo didn't got unveiled until around at 3:00 pm on December 22, 2019.

Current original programming

First Aired
RAN Morning News October 22th 1989
RAN Afternoon News November 15th 1995
RAN Evening News October 21th 1989

Current CBS/Syndication programming

First Aired Studio
The Price Is Right October 21th 1989 Sony Pictures Television Studio/CBS
Wheel of Fortune October 21th 1989 Sony Pictures Television Studio
Survivor September 12th 2001 CBS
Big Brother (US Verison) September 12th 2001 CBS
WWE RAW April 1st 2002 WWE
The Big Bang Theory June 13rd 2009 Warner Bros Television
Let Make A Deal October 5th 2009 Sony Pictures Television Studio/CBS
Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One March 4th 2018 LEGO/Netflix
Ducktales July 4th 2018 Disney/ABC Television Studio
TKO: Total Knock Out July 12th 2018 MGM Television/CBS
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