RCA Hearst Imagination Machine
Developer RCA Hearst
Manufacturer Alphabet, Foxconn
Type Home multimedia entertainment /
Home video game console /
Personal computer
Generation First generation
Second generation
Third generation
Fourth generation
Fifth generation
Sixth generation
Seventh generation
Eighth generation
Release date November 4, 1977 1:00:11 AM
Introductory price US$999 (equivalent to $1,798 in 2018)
Units sold Japan: 25.800[1]

South Korea/Taiwan: ~29.000

Media CD-ROM, Blu-ray, DVD, Cartridge, VHS, Laserdisc
Operating system AmigaOS 1.3, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch system software
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 7 MHz
Memory 1 MB
Graphics VIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites,
raster interrupt)
Sound SID 6581/8580 (3× osc, 4× wave, filter,
ADSR, ring)
Yamaha YM2151


Connectivity 2× CIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V,
CBM-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232
Controller input D-pad, Keyboard, Mouse

The RCA Hearst Imagination Machine is a home multimedia entertainment and video game console – convertible into a full-fledged personal computer by the addition of optional peripherals – developed by RCA Hearst and launched on November 4, 1977.


The RCA Hearst Imagination Machine is essentially a Commodore Amiga home computer with a CD-ROM drive and remote control. With the optional keyboard, mouse, and floppy disk drive, it gained the functionality of the regular Amiga. RCA Hearst marketed the machine as an all-in-one multimedia appliance. it was first announced on November 4, 1977, by RCA Hearst.


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