RER (an initialism for Radio Euro Republics) is a Euro Republican radio company.


Radio Euro Republics launched in 1940 as a 24-hour rolling news station during World War II. In 1945, Radio Euro Republics was refocused to offer both entertainment and music with hour long news bulletins at 7am, 12pm, 6pm and midnight. In 1965, a second RER station, Radio Two was launched to offer a selection of music as the main station, then renamed RER, began to focus more on news and entertainment. In 1973. The stations were heavily changed. RER 1 would play news and chat. RER 2 would play golden oldies from the 1940’s and 1950’s while the new RER 3 would be the new home of new pop and rock music, RER 4 also launched and offered local news and AC Pop music. In the 1990’s, RER 2 changed to focus on classical/opera music with the existing format being spread to RER 4. In 2001, plans were made for further RER stations, and on January 1, 2002, many new stations launched, these were RER 5, a 1950’s-1970’s music station, RER Six, playing rock and alternative, RER 7Mix, a station playing a variety of genres, and RER 8, aimed at Asian and young black audiences.


  • RER 1 - playing voice based news and entertainment
  • RER 2 - playing classical music
  • RER 3 - playing pop, teen pop, rock, EDM, dance music, RnB and top 40 music.
  • RER 4 - playing AC music along with local news and traffic updates
  • RER 5 - playing golden oldies, easy listening and classic pop music (from the 1960’s and 1970’s)
  • RER 6 - playing rock, indie and alternative
  • RER 7Mix - playing r&b, hip-hop, rock, rap, pop, teen pop, indie, alternative, metal, rap, EDM, easy listening, j-pop, k-pop, dance music and reggae.
  • RER 8 - playing rap, R&B, Hip-Hop and reggae.
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