Rainbow ident: 1976-1981

RGN's first ident is similar to the second ABC "Still the One" ident.

Simplified Rainbow ident: 1981-1984

3D ident: 1984-1989

Gradients ident: 1989-1991

Cream ident: 1991-1997

Sky ident: 1997-2000

Hearts ident: 2000-2003

One-coloured ident: 2003-2007

Lines ident: 2007-2009

Lines 2.0 ident: 2009-2011

Swoosh ident: 2011-2014

Flat ident: 2014-2016

Flat 2.0 ident: 2016-2018

The ident is just Material Design-like. The ident has bubble water ring animation like pop and showing RGN logo had new animation.

Modernization ident: 2018-present

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