RH Kids is a Latin American channel that is based on RH Crianças, which, as all the international versions, have the alternate name "RH Kids".


Hispanophone USA, Venezuela, Chile (and Peru, sometimes) and Cuba have different programmings compared to the Standard RH Kids Latin America.


Argentina: 46,1

Uruguay: 118

Paraguay: 73.3

Chile and Peru: 32.7

Former Gran Colombia: 78

Central America: 23.9

Mexico and Mexas: 71.1

Cuba: 42.3

Haiti and Dominican Republic: 76

Caribbean: 30

Jamaica: 103.2

Southern Indosa: 72

Northern Indosa: 6.2

Croeya: 78.5

Gulf of Fonseca (Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua): 69

American Spanish: 43.2

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