RTL-TVI is an Engarian television channel, owned by both RTL Engary and Luxembourger media group RTL Group. The channel initially began broadcasting on October 7th, 1997 as an experimental broadcast, but on October 27th, it began broadcasting officially. The channel airs programs for a younger audience (18-49). RTL-TVI is the largest producer of Engary-novelas since the channel's launch and has always aired engary-novela series in the afternoon timeslot. RTL-TVI's competitors are TWO TV and Wiki TV.


On April 4th, 1997, the Luxembourger media group RTL Group has secured a deal with Nova Internationals (the company that owns the engarian version of TV Nova) to create RTL-TVI. As a result, Nova TV shut down on April 8th.

Experimental broadcasts began on October 7th, 1997, and later launched officially on October 27th. It began with the "Meet the Gang" program, presented by Connor Ellis.

On October 26th, 1998, RTL-TVI began airing the popular parody series (Laugh Now!) The show lasted until new year's eve 2011 when the show concluded, though the series continues to air on the Engarian Plug RTL, but as re-runs.

On September 4th, 2000, RTL-TVI began airing the engarian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It received high ratings and later became the most-watched game shows in Engary. The game show lasted for 8 Years before it was canceled in May 2008 after the host of the show (Tim Ross) confirmed that he is stepping down from the show due to his retirement.

During Easter Sunday, on April 20th, 2003, RTL-TVI introduced a new mascot, known as the anthropomorphized camera. This was part of the major rebranding of the channel. The mascot retired on Christmas Eve 2005 when the channel got a new look.

In 2007, RTL-TVI began broadcasting in HD, becoming the first TV channel to do so.

On March 31st, 2008, RTL-TVI began airing Passions, an Engarian soap opera. In that same year, on September 1st, RTL-TVI got a new look. The idents feature an airship that flies in the sky. The idents have since become popular among viewers.

To coincide with the channel's 20th anniversary, in October 2017, RTL-TVI received a colorful new look, replacing the previous ident used since 2008.

On March 23rd, 2020, RTL-TVI has joined the #StayAtHome campaign. Meanwhile, they announced that they will also change their programming, including where they also announced that Passions will take the extended spring break. However, they also announced that the new series like (side-effect) and a new season of (The Teacher) will begin later this spring.

Broadcast Hours

  • 1997-2014: 6:00am to 2:00am
  • 2014-present: 5:30am to 0:00am
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