Radio Televisi Lechutan (RTL for short) is an independent television station in Lechutan. It was launched on September 14, 1953.

It is the second most-watched independent television station in Lechutan after Megakarya 1. RTL had historically been the highest-rating television station since television's inception in Lechutan in 1953 for most years up to 1990. The RTL was overtaken in the ratings in 1991 by its rival, Megakarya 1.

After a year in decline, with a period plagued by mass sackings, programme cancellations, and budget cuts, the RTL has experienced a period of stability.



It was founded in 1953 as TeleLechutan. Ivan Irwan Lesmono introduced the station and Azzaam Palupessy presented the first programme, Ini Televisi (so becoming the first person to appear on Lechutanese television).

NTSC Color television was introduced across the network in 1965.

1977–1990: The golden era

TeleLechutan began using the slogan "Mari Kita Menjadi Satu" (based on The Carpenters song) in 1977 and became the number-one free-to-air station in Lechutan.

In 1978, TeleLechutan switched its slogan to "Tetap satu satunya" (modelled on the campaign used by ABC in the United States), which lasted until the ratings downfall in 1990.

It was renamed to RTL in 1986.

1990–1992: RTL loses to Megakarya 1


2019–present: Regal Group Network ownership

In 2019, RTL was acquired by Regal Group Network

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