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Racer Ruby! (レーサールビー!Rēsā Rubī!) is a shōjo manga series written by Yuri Hakawa and illustrated by Aikonobu Sibishu.


On the fictional island of Bako, a girl named Ruby Mars trains to be a car racer to compete in a yearly racing competition known as the Bako Racing Competition.


  • Ruby Mars (マーズルビー Māzu Rubī) - The main character of the manga. She is a teenage girl who serves as a racer-in-training and lives in the city of Remnant. When not racing, she is regularly found painting or reading. Ruby also regularly appears on Remnant TV, the local television station.
  • Kazukida (かずきだ Kazukida) - Ruby's pet dragon. Kazukida is the only dragon in Kabo who can still talk.
  • Jennifer Mars (マーズジェニファー Māzu Jenifā) - Ruby's mother. She is an immigrant from the island of Knob. Jennifer often ends her time studying foreign cultures.
  • Scott Goldheart (ゴールドハートスコット Gōrudohāto Sukotto) - The referee of the races.


In 2019, Drillimation Studios adapted Racer Ruby! into a five-episode anime television series.

The series' Japanese cast features Mata Makasushi (Ruby Mars), Hanaka Subasha (Kazukida), Kimi Kamaguki (Jennifer Mars), and Tanezu Monokawa (Scott Goldheart), while the English cast features Lauren Maxwell (Ruby Mars), Bobby Morter (Kazukida), Atlanta Haune (Jennifer Mars), and Jay Kina (Scott Goldheart).