Radio 22 is an El Kadsreian radio station owned by the El TV Kadsre Television Network. It airs nonstop entertainment, news, sports, drama, comedy and music. It was launched on August 16, 1967 at 7:00am.

Radio 22 runs the top 100 chart show for El Kadsreian Top 100 on Saturday at 12:00pm to 7:00pm.


El TV Kadsre Radio 22 started life as an independent radio station known as UVB 97.6. The radio station is known for UZB-70. In 1986, El TV Kadsre adopted UVB 97.6. It was later rebranded into Radio 22.


  • The True Capitalist Radio (Ghost) [2008-2012, 2016-present]
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