RainStar is a YinYangian TV Provider that shows international channels and it is only available nationwide. The TV-boxes has a total of 10,000 channels.

All channels are free, but HD channels are paid. There are over 100+ HD channel in the provider.


In 1994, RainTech Corporation introduced RainStar, which at that time was called RainTV. RainTV's first set-top box was introduced in July 1, 1994. It became a success hit and RainTech kept manufacturing set-top boxes.

In 2003, RainTech merged with PlatiStar Network. They decided to name themselves, "RainStar", but it never happened though. The name was finally given to RainTV as the new name in 2005.

As RainStar being very popular and succesful, RainTech planned to develop internet broadbands around the country, and that time had finally come in 2007, making RainStar the first internet broadband brand in YinYangia. Its competitor, Kenjong Internet Networks YY, was founded in 2009, which is also popular.

As of today, RainStar ranks the world's best set-top box brand. Its rivals are YangTel, Freesat, Dish Network, Cignal, and DirecTV.


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