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Raison Games Co., Ltd, stylized as RAISON, is a Taiwanese multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Taipei. Its international branches, Raison of Brazil and Raison USA, are respectively headquartered in Recife and New York City. Raison's arcade division, once part of Raison Corporation, has existed as Raison Gaming Box Co., Ltd., also a Raison Holdings subsidiary, since 2013.

Following a downturn in the arcade business in the early 1980s, Raison began to develop computers, starting with the RS-3000 and Expert Device, but struggled against competitors such as the Zerona Gaming Device. In 1985, Raison executives Chia-ling and Kuan-yu led a management buyout of the company with backing from KRC Corporation.

Raison released its next computer, the Raison Devarim (known as the Robo Play outside the Americas), in 1986. Although it was a distant fourth in Japan, the Devarim found major success after the release of Ryau the Jellyfish in 1987 and outsold its main competitor, the Hyper Zerona Gaming Device, in the U.S. Later in the decade, Raison started commercial successes such as the 64VRaison Jupiter, and Nightcut consoles.

Although some of their arcade games are still found today, in 1999 Raison left the arcade game market to produce best-selling games for Raison computer and Zerona consoles.

Raison produces multi-million-selling game franchises including Ryau the JellyfishFisntu, and Exquinox, and is the world's most prolific computer game producer. It also operates amusement arcades and produces other entertainment products, including Raison Real Play.